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Mitour Silicone is a custom silicone products manufacturer in China. We have indications of experience in this industry: our factory-approved ISO9001 certification, SEDEX4 certification, and BSCI c certification. Our products are app mean RoHs, BPA FREE, FDA of United States, REACH, and LFGB  detection of European Union.

Disney, Nestlé, and P&G are our customers. As the OEM manufacturer behind various silicone products, breathe e-market assists our partners in bringing their silicone product ideas to the market. We have collaborated with numerous major brands to create high-quality, customized silicone products. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has enabled us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We have successfully delivered various projects by leveraging our experience, state-of-the-art technology, and skilled workforce, from small-scale prototypes to large-scale production runs.

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Silicone Raw Material

The best silicone material, safe to use.

Our raw materials consist of 100% food-grade silicone, which is also BPA-free and free from other harmful chemicals. All silicone materials are sourced from reputable brands, have undergone rigorous testing, adhere to environmental protection standards, and are non-toxic and safe. We can provide FDA, LFGB, REACH, and ROHS certifications for the raw silicone materials.

Our Silicone materials can be classified into solid silicone and liquid silicone.

  • Solid silicone is primarily used to manufacture molded products, including food storage lids, bakeware, tableware, silicone baking molds, and silicone bottles.

  • Liquid silicone produces extruded items, such as straws, baby pacifiers, teethers, cosmetics, and other similar products.

Custom Silicone Products Services

Custom Silicone Products Services

We offer customization services for silicone products, allowing you to tailor the size, shape, weight, color, print, logo, pattern, and packaging according to your preferences. Our in-house printing, assembly, production, and quality control departments ensure a seamless and professional manufacturing experience. With a well-established production process and stringent quality control system, we guarantee the final products will meet your specifications.

Company Certificate


Mitour Silicone is a Disney FAMA audited factory in China, specializing in custom silicone product manufacturing and silicone gift supply. As verified by independent third parties, we have successfully passed various social responsibility audit programs, including Disney, NBCUniversal, BSCI, and SEDEX. Additionally, we have obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certifications. We also undergo third-party inspections, such as FDA and LFGB, to ensure the highest standards for our products.

OUR Factory

Every aspect of our products, including design, production, assembly, and packaging, occurs in our Shenzhen factory in China.

By maintaining full control over the entire process, we can guarantee that our customers receive the best value, quality, and service. We take great pride and care in everything we do within our factory.

Silicone Product Production Process

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Mitour Works in 4 Easy Steps

Step1: Inquiry

Let us know what you're looking for by sending your inquiry. Our customer support will get back to you within a few hours, and then we will assign a sale to start your project.

Step2: Quotation ( 2-24 hours )

Our sales team will provide product quotes within 12 hours or less. After that, we'll send you product samples to confirm they meet your expectations.

Step3: Confirmation

Before placing a bulk order, confirm all product details with your sales representative. They will oversee production and ensure the quality of the products.

Step4: Shipping ( 7-10 days)

We'll assist you with quality inspection and organize courier, sea, or air shipping to any address in your country. Various shipping options are available to choose from.

The Common Pitfall When Purchasing Silicone Products

There are various factors to consider when purchasing custom silicone products from China. While many high-quality products are available, some suppliers may offer substandard silicone products that should be avoided. To ensure you get the right product, taking certain precautions to protect yourself from dishonest sellers is crucial. Here are some common pitfalls to watch out for when buying silicone products:

  • Pick a reputable company for credibility.
  • Compare different manufacturers to ensure the best value.
  • Visit the production site, if possible, to assess the process and quality.
  • Check for safety certifications and compliance with regulatory standards
  • Choose food-grade materials, non-toxic, BPA-free, and phthalate-free for safety and quality.
  • Find suppliers working with reliable component providers.
  • Check the extent of after-sales support and services.
  • Ensure timely product delivery.
Silicone Mixing

Ultimately, the goal of purchasing custom silicone products is to offer high-quality, durable, and safe products to use. By choosing a dependable supplier, you can ensure the success of your business and achieve better financial results.

It’s essential to partner with a reliable supplier that can provide top-quality products, prompt after-sales service, and assistance with any challenges encountered during production or market development.

A manufacturer capable of offering comprehensive services is the most trustworthy partner to help you succeed in the silicone products business.

Why Choose Mitour as Silicone Products Supplier

Mitour Silicone is an experienced and reliable food-grade China custom silicone products manufacturer. We provide strict quality inspection, competitive prices, personalized, customized service, fast delivery, and timely after-sales service support.

Collapsible Silicone Water

Wholesale OEM/ODM Services

Mitour offers a range of wholesale customization options to accommodate various designs and product requirements.

  • Customized service for design, color, packaging
  • Cost advantage of mass production
  • Fast lead time and delivery

18 Years Experience

Rich market experience familiarizes us with different wholesale customers’ silicone and market requirements.

  • 8 silicone production lines
  • Manufacturing 50000 pcs daily
  • Export to 30+ countries

Patented Silicone Products

By choosing our patented silicone products, businesses can confidently provide their customers with high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective production backed by the strength and potential of the Chinese market.

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Innovation and Quality
  • Cost-effectiveness

Strict Quality Control

Safe and non-toxic raw materials and strict production quality control ensure that every silicone product is safe and reliable.

  • 100% safe raw material, FDA, LFGB, Halogen, PAHs, Phthalate, REACH, ROHS certifications
  • Full-quality inspection
  • Company Certification, FDA, BSCI, ISO9001, ISO14001, Sedex,Disney standard


Most Frequent Questions And Answers

We offer a wide range of custom silicone products, including silicone water bottles and silicone baby teetherspacifierstoys, feeding accessories and more) in various sizes, colors, and shapes. We can also add your logo, branding, or design elements to meet your unique requirements.

Our minimum order quantity for customized orders varies depending on the specific design and requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss the details of your customization needs and MOQ.

All our silicone products are made from 100% food-grade silicone and are BPA-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, ensuring the safety and durability.

Silicone products may have various certifications depending on the specific product and market requirements. Some common certifications include FDA, LFGB, BPA-Free, and ISO 9001. These certifications ensure that the silicone water bottles meet international safety, quality, and environmental standards. To verify the certifications of our products, please feel free to contact our sales or customer service team for more information.

We offer several printing methods, including screen printing, heat transfer, and UV printing, to ensure your logo and design elements are vibrant, durable, and long-lasting. View Different Silicone Printing Processes

The production lead time for customized orders typically ranges from 10 to 15 days, depending on the complexity of the design and the order quantity.

We typically require a 30% deposit before production begins, with the remaining 70% balance paid before shipment. We accept various payment methods, such as T/T, L/C, and PayPal, to accommodate the needs of our international clients.

We offer various shipping options, including air freight, sea freight, and express delivery services (such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS) to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Yes, we value our clients and offer excellent after-sales support. 

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